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Custom made with Wordpress

Custom made with Django

Custom made with Flask

Custom made without CMS

Wordpress theme install

Wordpress theme customization

Wordpress plugin install






Custom made software

Adaptation of existing software

Upgrading of existing software

Installation of existing software

Custom made with Python

Custom made with Django (webapp)

Custom made with Flask (webapp)






I will gladly advise you about all details concerning websites and software.

Automation ist is an important topic and I will help you with its planning, implementation and execution. Repetitive tasks cost time and money. That cost can often be reduced.

Your software and IT infrastructure can be significantly involved in your success. I will help you with optimizations.


Hourly rates


  30€ / h for training

  30€ / h for backups

  30€ / h for maintenance work

  65€ / h for websites

  90€ / h for consulting work

120€ / h for software


All prices are subject to 20% VAT




I only work after contractual agreement over the scope and time frame of the respective project.

Precision is important, which is why it is always better for both partners to be able to know what they can expect beforehand.

Send me an email to get your offer for your project.




I have years of experience within various fields of website and software development.

As a long standing Linux user (desktop and server) I am able to find optimal solutions for your IT infrastructure.

I try to never do a task more than once by hand. I will automate whatever is possible in order to save time and money.



Send me an email to get an offer for your project.


St. Johann in Tirol





Software developers are often deep into the code of their projects. If then a phone call comes in it will pull them out and can take them a long time to get back in. In order to avoid this I have predefined times allotted for communication and administration. And besides, when in a phone call both participants can overhear details, which in emails can be retraced in a better way.

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